Local Consciousness Clubs

January 21, 2016 – One-day ISSA workshop at ELSI, Tokyo

One-day meeting to discuss possible connections between the philosophical approach of phenomenology and the mathematical theory of category theory. The trigger is the recent paper by Nao Tsuchiya, Shigeru Taguchi and Hayato Saigo:


and this will give us a nice opportunity to have some tutorial lectures
on various related topics, by Nao Tsuchiya via Skype, and by Hayato Saigo,
Shigeru Taguchi and Ryota Kanai in person. During and after these various
lectures, there will already be plenty of discussion time built in, and at
the end we will hold a broad group’s discussion. Finally, we will combine
this day meeting with Ryota’s weekly Consciousness Club meeting.


ELSI, on the Ookayama campus of Tokyo Tech. See the map on
http://www.elsi.jp/en/access.html — we will meet in ELSI-1
(Ishikawadai building 7, the new ELSI building), room 205,
which is also called seminar room A.


10:00: Nao Tsuchiya presents the main ideas in their recent paper
10:30: Hayato Saigo gives an introduction to category theory
11:30: lunch break
13:30: Shigeru Taguchi gives an introduction to phenomenology theory
14:30: Ryota Kanai gives an introduction to predictive coding / free energy
15:30: break
16:00: general discussion
17:00: end of workshop (followed by finding something to eat perhaps?)
19:00: Ryota’s Consciousness Club: Piet Hut will talk about his views on
phenomenology, followed by a visit to some izakaya, as is Ryota’s
tradition for the Consciousness Club